XpoLog Wants To Find Out What’s Hiding In Your Log Data

by Wayne Duggan | June 22, 2015 |

Benzinga recently had the chance to speak with Haim Koschitzky, CEO of analytic search technology company XpoLog about the company’s data log search products.

Mr. Koschitzky discussed the types of insights that customers can gain from log file searches, XpoLog’s integration with major cloud service providers and XpoLog’s unique “auto-detect intelligence” algorithms.

Searching Log Files

When asked about what types of insights customers can gain from log searches, Koschitzky explained that there is a wide range of helpful information that can be extracted from log data.

“In a growing application economy, log data contains not only diagnostics information, but also trends and statistics about usage, and information about hidden errors, bugs and other problems.”

Koschitzky also discussed the security benefits of effective log data use. “From a security perspective, you can get information about log-ins, log-outs and a variety of anomalies in the log data,” he said.

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