New: Automated Windows Event Log Analysis and Monitoring

XpoLog’s New App Offers Windows Event Log Analysis and Monitoring Automation

Our vision of simplicity led us to develop the awesome XpoLog 7. XpoLog 7 automates your entire log management lifecycle to make it as easy

as it gets!

By doing this we solve log management’s biggest challenges: 1. Long & complex deployments. 2. Long time to resolution.

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As part of this effort, we are happy to release the Windows Event Log Analytics App (one of many to come). 

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  • The app uses machine-learning and NLP analysis to automatically highlight important varied issues from the collected Windows logs.
  • The Windows Analytics App enables an immediate understanding of trends in your Windows log data without the need to define reports 

       and create queries.

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4 Ways This App Will Rock Your World:

Deploy across your entire Windows domain in minutes

The Windows Event Log Analytics App features a special agent-less connector for Windows.

The connector uses Windows’ NetLogon RPC or WMI to automatically connect and collect logs from all the Windows machines across the

entire domain without the need to install agents on the source machines.

Based on XpoLog 7’s deployment automation, the system automatically identifies the data structure and matches detailed data patterns

for all incoming Windows logs.

No more long deployment with agents installations and complex data pattern configurations, everything is automated and can be deployed in a

matter of a few minutes.

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Ready-to-use Reports & Dashboards for Aggregated Windows Data.

Instead of spending time and effort in defining reports and dashboards, the Analytics App features a variety of ready-to-use reports and dashboards

that have been specifically designed for Windows logs data, covering the Security, System, and Applications logs.

Take A Look At Some of the app’s reports:

  • Xpolog 7 windows event log analytic app
  • Windows service errors reports automation

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 Analytics-Based Monitoring

XpoLog 7 features automatic insights based on advanced correlations, machine learning and anomaly detections.

The system analyzes all the events and error messages, understands their meaning, and adds a severity score to these events.

These insights are built into the ready-to-use reports and dashboards, enabling immediate situational awareness of problems across the

entire deployment.

All without performing manual searches or writing long and complex queries and regular expressions. 

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Log Viewer with Predefined Windows-Related Filters and Search Queries  

XpoLog’s unified log viewer for Windows allows you to view and analyze log files from a single system or from your entire Windows domain

in one place.

XpoLog brings the knowledge of how to analyze Windows logs to the administrator’s fingertips, by offering a set of predefined filters and search

queries specifically designed for Windows logs.

The log viewer enables selection of specific hosts or the entire domain, filtering of logs by type (e.g. application, error, security, etc.), and search


Results can be viewed in an easy-to-navigate tabular format with sorting tools for easy access.

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