XpoLog In-Depth Analytics, auditing, search tools, and out-of-the-box Forensics gives you a clear head start on any cyber threat to your system.


Comprehensive Auditing.XpoLog Security and Compliance apps can help your organization ensure compliance with security policies and regulatory standards. We offer comprehensive auditing and reporting structures for your IT environment.

Advanced Out-of-the-Box Forensics.All log data generated by devices, apps, systems, and networks can be detected and searched by the XpoLog advanced out-of-the-box forensics and multiple search tools.

In-Depth Analytics Technology.Our In-Depth Analytics helps monitor and investigate information and data in real time to isolate attacks, generate security intelligence reports, and more.

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The XpoLog Log Management Advantage

Business value

Out of the Box Apps for Compliance

Accelerate Forensics and Reporting

Automate Security Intelligence

Create security, compliance, performance reports on any system

Technology Advantage

Log Collection – All types – Agent-less, Agents, Forwarders, Files, SysLog, and more

Unlimited power for log data parsing with our VDE™

XpoLog In-Depth Analytics: profile each log events for errors, attacks, trends, etc.

Anomaly detection, text analytics, transaction tracking

Super-Fast Search Engine for all log data

Amazing gadgets for visualization, GeoIP data, 3D charts, etc.

Out of the box Support for applications, IT, devices, and more

Log managment – IT Operational Analytics.

Unique set of Features

Log CollectionAgent-less, Agents, Forwarders, Files, SysLog and more

VDE™Endless power for log data parsing with our VDE™

Out of the box AppsOut of the box support for applications, IT, devices and more.

Gadgets and visualizationAmazing gadgets and visualization, GeoIP data, 3D charts

“XpoLog saves our teams hours of work every day. The log analysis was a major delayer in our troubleshooting and now it’s the first thing we do”

Per-Anders Hall-Bedman, Head of New Markets and Alliances,
Cinnober Financial Technologies

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Agent-less deployment, data collection with existing protocols, custom or dynamic parsing and monitoring, auto-detected severity levels on all anomalies, unique pattern detection features, awesome visualization gadgets, unlimited scalability, full security…

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How it Works – Technlology

Pre-Discover Tomorrow’s Unknown Issues with our dynamic parsing rules, computational processing, advanced data mining, and more…

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In Depth Analytics – Unique!

Our Analytic Search and data abstraction and tagging helps you amplify and augment your intelligence to govern complex environments.

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