XpoLog goes way beyond your traditional APM tools by greatly accelerating troubleshooting, optimizing applications, and proactively profiling and monitoring log data.


Sometimes traditional APM tools are not enough.APM tools can provide good coverage in identifying performance issues and investigating certain silos. Having said that, machine data also plays a crucial role in troubleshooting, understanding, and debugging application performance. XpoLog is highly skilled at manipulating machine data.

Sometimes manual searches are not enough.Manually searching logs for root causes is too slow and sometimes impossible as users don’t necessarily know what to search for. XpoLog has invented an In-Depth Analytics technology that knows how to find problems the users weren’t even looking for in the first place; and quickly too. XpoLog In-Depth Analytics helps identify and troubleshoot application performance problems with unique data profiling technology.

We even optimize home grown Apps.By identifying errors, problems, anomalies, and patterns, XpoLog can make APM tools accelerate troubleshooting, optimize applications, and proactively profile and monitor log data. With its groundbreaking head start in profiling and pattern detection, XpoLog is highly skilled when it comes to optimizing home grown and custom Apps.

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The XpoLog Log Management Advantage

Business value

Discover problems and faults automatically

Generate Automatic Intelligence from any log

Reduce MTTR, Optimize Application Quality

Correlate data with APM tools

Build Application Performance and Quality Intelligence

Technology Advantage

XpoLog In-Depth Analytics: profile each log events for errors, trends, etc.

Immensely Rapid Search Engine for all log data

Anomaly detection, text analytics, transaction tracking

Amazing gadgets for visualization, GeoIP data, 3D charts, etc.

Out of the box Support for applications, IT, devices, and more


Log managment – IT Operational Analytics.


Unique set of Features


Log CollectionAgent-less, Agents, Forwarders, Files, SysLog and more

VDE™Endless power for log data parsing with our VDE™

Out of the box AppsOut of the box support for applications, IT, devices and more.

Gadgets and visualizationAmazing gadgets and visualization, GeoIP data, 3D charts

“XpoLog saves our teams hours of work every day. The log analysis was a major delayer in our troubleshooting and now it’s the first thing we do”

Per-Anders Hall-Bedman, Head of New Markets and Alliances,
Cinnober Financial Technologies

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XpoLog finds and analyzes your system and application anomalies so quickly you could practically consider it a contraceptive for errors. Here is a quick abstract to what’s in store…

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How it Works – Technlology

Pre-Discover Tomorrow’s Unknown Issues with our dynamic parsing rules, in-depth analytics, advanced data mining, and more…

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Out of the Box Apps

Visualize known systems logs in multiple contexts, like security, statistics, intelligence, performance, and availability with our predefined set of reports and analysis rules.

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