XpoLog hopes Search makes the Difference in Log Management

by Tavis J. Hampton | Jul 31, 2014 |

The larger a computing infrastructure gets, the more difficult it becomes to pore through server logs to track down anomalies or errors. XpoLog Ltd. has introduced log management tools for Big Data that promise better searches at what it claims is a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

XpoLog, which has been around for a decade, focuses on building log analytics software for applications rather than for networking or security appliances. This has led it to develop an approach to searching that CEO Haim Koschitzky calls “augmented search”.

Augmented search combines machine semantic analytics on application log data with the context of a user’s search to provide layers of results that are organic and can be tagged and naturally filtered according to a user’s previous searches.

“You can create your own saved searches on the data, can tag those searches for later, and when other users search, you will be made aware that those searches coincide with the context of your search,” Koschitzky explained.

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