Case Study


Large Financial Institution

World Wide (United States, Europe and APAC)


This financial services provider is one of the world’s largest financial organizations and offers industry-leading credit, debit and prepaid card servicing to millions of cardholders, as well as bill payment solutions, mortgages, wealth managements and more.
In order to verify applications activities in real time, perform in-depth analysis of incidents, the company needed consolidated views of their data.

Since using XpoLog, the company has seen many benefits including:

Accelerated problem resolution

Automated audit and compliance

Greater applications availability

Consolidated reporting


Data Sources:

  • Applications logs
  • Web Servers
  • Middleware logs

Visibility across thousands of servers on multi regional data centers

Maintain hundreds of business applications, dozens of them mission critical

Require real time insight into applications data

Manual and time consuming processes for troubleshooting

Business Impact

Fast and efficient troubleshooting -> faster resolutions -> higher application quality and availability

Better IT systems management and provisioning

Greater insight into customers behavior in applications

Improve business decisions due to real time operational visibility and analytics



Why Choose XpoLog?


No downtime.
Customers of this company have access to the bank’s services 24/7 all over the world as well as online access to accounts and services.

No unacceptable delays.
The IT and Architecture group of the bank is responsible for the entire operation which entails monitoring and validating the health of all services.

Automatically detect anomalies in real-time.
The organization is using XpoLog for application monitoring and reporting in order to identify errors and anomalies in real-time and get ahead of the issues in order to solve in a timely manner.


Application monitoring –> improved uptimes.
Monitoring and visualizing the application data in real time provides valuable visibility which provides an indication of potential and real problems very quickly which leads directly to improved uptimes and better quality.

All data in one console.
Using XpoLog’s multi-tenancy architecture the company provides a single clustered console that is serving all application teams. Each application team is able to quickly view, analyze and generate reports restricted to the application’s context only.


“XpoLog saves our teams hours of work every day. The log analysis was a major delayer in our troubleshooting and now it’s the first thing we do”

Per-Anders Hall-Bedman, Head of New Markets and Alliances,
Cinnober Financial Technologies

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