Case Study


Large Medical Provider

World Wide


This Medical provider serves more than 250,000 patients in thousands of clinics with over 40 production sites worldwide. Due to the size of this company it’s obvious that the variety of the technologies and operations size is enormous and involves many teams – Infrastructure, System, Middleware, DevOps, Applications and others.
All layers from development to production must be monitored and analyzed in every possible aspect to proactively identify issues and provide a quick resolution.

Since using XpoLog, the company has seen many benefits including:

Improved customer satisfaction

Improved service delivery

Faster troubleshooting and issue resolution

Actionable insight into service delivery


Data Sources:

  • Operating System logs
  • Databases
  • Applications logs
  • Web Servers logs
  • Audit logs

Data consolidation from multiple sources – unified view

Visibility into cross-systems processes

Ability to aggregate data from multiple sources and provide access to different groups in the organization

Data-intensive environment


Business impact

Real time data analysis and KPIs

Cross platform data visualization

Accelerating problems identification and resolution leads to greater customers satisfaction

Secure data management for compliance



Why Choose XpoLog?


When downtime is not an option.
The company must closely monitor the delivery of its services to tens of thousands employees and patients who use their systems daily. The IT and Operations teams must ensure that applications are always available and can meet demand. However, using dated tools lacked many mandatory capabilities for searching, monitoring and mainly visualizing the status of services and applications.


All data in one console.
The company IT team deployed XpoLog and started collecting data from hundreds of Windows servers, Linux servers and databases. Middleware teams helped applications owners to build dashboards and monitors for their troubleshooting and quality control and linked it to the company’s NOC to monitor and gain full visibility to the status of all service delivery.


“XpoLog saves our teams hours of work every day. The log analysis was a major delayer in our troubleshooting and now it’s the first thing we do”

Per-Anders Hall-Bedman, Head of New Markets and Alliances,
Cinnober Financial Technologies

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