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Log Files Management server or Logs Manager is a one-stop-shop software for all DevOps & IT servers’ logs needs. Log manager contains three powerful components that I will describe in this article (1) Collect-Aggregate-Index-Parse-Forensic-Visualize machine generated data (2) Analyze-Profile-Correlate logs (3) Monitor-Alert and Manage the entire logs operations.

Logs Manager enables an intuitive view & search actions through logs from multiple machines, in one consolidated easy-to-use interface while automatically and in real time discovers your machine generated data, hidden values & errors without you proactively seeking them. A good log manager presents insights and suggests improvements based on both smart algorithms and a set of machine learning rules whilst constantly monitor and alert on anomalies. Finally it enables the IT admin to manage all insights from a set of smart out of box dashboards and monitors.

XpoLog log manager is a robust log server, focusing on user friendliness and ease of use for the IT and DevOps audiences and presents an advanced log data analytics on physical & logical system entities driven out of all the log files and runs both on-premise and in the cloud. ​With XpoLog log management and monitoring you get periodical & real-time alerts, run reports and get notifications on all your machines’ related traffic issues.

XpoLog’s log management system has built-in analytic layers that automatically scans your log files and machine generated application data based on users interactions and presents a powerful Root Cause Analysis Apps across all folders and IT machines with a set of dashboards panels that can be published as reports and slides and be analyzed instantly. Instantly means 2-Clicks to view insights!


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Typical DevOps & IT deployments include hundreds and often thousands of servers, databases and applications which generate millions of events every day resulting in GBs of data. Cloud and on-premise infrastructures make data centers highly dynamic which in turn makes data also highly complex. XpoLog Log Management software helps you unlock and discover hidden errors, deep links problems, and complex patterns of all machine generated logs data by making it easily accessible for search, filter and visualization in real time and offline.

XpoLog believes in minimum to no change of infrastructure – XpoLog log management’s agent-less non intrusive logs server use common protocols as UDP/SSH/TCP to connect remotely and securely with your machines to Manage, Analyze, Google-like Search and Filter log files and application data faster than ever before. XpoLog log files manager provides all the visibility needed into unknown problems, errors and anomalies with unique customizable NOC dashboards on multiple application tiers with state of the art log analysis and reporting algorithms that reduces your time to detect new machines’ issues by 37% causing eventually your application performance and quality problems to decrease dramatically.

XpoLog Log Management system enables an in-depth log visualization, log parsing, log profiling, log monitoring and log analysis:



Log Manager system is a fully featured software to search, monitor and chart mass amounts of log data continuously.

Your benefits with XpoLog Log Manager Tool solution are

  • Setup and ongoing operation are easier than ever – easy to install, configure, add data and get the insights showing in less than 5 minutes.
  • 2 Clicks Insights along with many apps to make sense of almost every format of log data, from Windows and Linux, Syslog to web logs traffic and performance analytics and infrastructure machines monitoring.
  • 24×7 continuous IT machine data forensics and infrastructure monitoring
  • Actively notifies you when key metrics change after (custom) events occur
  • Powerful web GUI based tool that features rich Google-like search, filtering and charting tools to the point that there’s probably no major set of data you can’t get analyzed.
  • No uploading GBs of data into the cloud
  • Instant results w/ no lag between the time data is logged and the time it’s visible
  • Creating custom gadgets and dashboards is intuitive. You can create an infinite number of gadgets.
  • Pricing packages are transparent and easy for an ROI calculation
  • Comprehensive Wiki and Support portal available all year long.
  • Automatic real time collecting, indexing and managing big data log files w/ powerful searching, filtering, charting and visualizing capabilities


With over 1000 customers worldwide, in all major industries like media, finance, and health, XpoLog Log Manager fits small IT operations, Medium business and Enterprises.


Read what our customers are saying about us

cinnober“XpoLog saves our teams hours of work every day. The log analysis was a major delayer in our troubleshooting and now it’s the first thing we do”

Per-Anders Hall-Bedman, Head of New Markets and Alliances, Cinnober Financial Technologies


XpoLog Log Manager and Monitoring Apps, Plugins Dashboards and Gadgets example

XpoLog Access Logs Apps And Dashboards Drill Down

With the XpoLog Log manager Apps gadgets you can

  • Use as many gadgets in one App to create customized dashboards that contain all the required information
  • Create a custom dashboard for each App and view the most important relevant insights that interest you
  • Create a slideshow that contains all Apps’ dashboards automatically
  • Use the Business Presentation mode to present all up to date information and insights to your peers in real time without using any external tool or working on presentation.

Final words

XpoLog Logs Manager helps you Collect, View, Analyze, see Analytics results and monitor performance all in one place. Once you configure and add your data to XpoLog Logs Manager system you can search & analyze all anomalies and view valuable information regarding your application performance in a set of predefined dashboards.

XpoLog’s customer success team is here to answer your needs and assist you in deploying your log solution quickly – contact our support if you need assistance in configuring, navigating, and analyzing at or

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