Log Files Apps using Dashboards and Gadgets

Logs Visualization Gadgets using XpoLog’s Unique Apps Interface

This post will cover some of the many ways you can view your most valuable information about your log files data using XpoLog Apps, Dashboards and Gadgets.

XpoLog log visualization is a powerful software to view all machine generated data in a simple and automated way. The system reveals hidden values, faults and errors as well as improvement insights. System administrator can get insights on her visitors’ locations, frequency of visits, and performance bottlenecks. The log visualization system can directs you to solve issues before they happen in production in 2 clicks only. More on that next.

Logs Analysis & Analytics

In order to best describe how can one view all hidden values from log files, I will describe the meaning of Log Analysis and Logs Analytics.

Logs Analysis is an automatic system that analyze all logs traffic. Logs Analysis Collect – Parse – Profile – Visualize – Analyze – Monitor all logs events.

XpoLog web log analysis supports all major servers and applications like Windows, IIS / ISA, Apache Tomcat Catalina, Java Logging Framework tools, SysLog / SysLog-ng / rSysLog, Log4j / Slf4j, evtx / eventLogs and many more. With real time NOC dashboards for critical issues XpoLog offers IT admins, DevOps and OverOps teams a live quality view of their infrastructure. Log analyzers feature a fast and accurate yard-stick for businesses about their (1) logs data value (2) business value or (3) loss of business value. 

XpoLog’s log analysis system has a built-in analytic layers that automatically scans your log files and machine generated application data based on users interactions (For example – IP visits, users’ usage, bytes statistics, end user experience, URL calls, and HTTP error codes) and presents a powerful Apps dashboards across all folders and IT machines. Along with easy to understand reports and slides, organizations can analyze log files data instantly. Instantly means 2-Clicks to view insights!

Log files analytics is measuring your users hits, visitors time, page statistics, errors and exceptions all across your machines, servers performance, threads activity, code activity (with class and method analytics), build various reports & analysis, and make use of various visualization gadgets for maximizing logs data insights. Creating dashboards and visualization gadgets is a way for automating the root cause analysis process on errors and exceptions and reduce time to improve your production environment. 

What is an XpoLog App?

XpoLog Log Viewer, Analyzer and Analytics | Apps and Dashboards

An XpoLog App is like a container. It can contain any number of dashboards, each dashboard can contain any number of gadgets. The gadgets can be a visual display, such as a graph or a chart, but it can also contain textual information such as a table. From the moment a gadget is saved, results are automatically updated at regular intervals.

Gadgets for Searching Inside Log Files

Typical DevOps & IT deployments include hundreds and often thousands of servers, databases and applications which generate millions of events every day resulting in GBs of data. Cloud and on-premise infrastructures make data centers highly dynamic which in turn makes data also highly complex. XpoLog has also created unique ready to use out-of-the-box Apps, to quickly receive insights on your data, such as performance, quality, and compliance.

Searching for an error is as simple as typing the word error in the Search panel (same way you would do in Google). the graph and bottom table will give you all the info you need about your log files errors.

Viewing the same result as a gadget is very similar – create a new gadget and place it in the relevant dashboard and App by saving the search as a gadget. 

From the actual search result in the Search interface, click Save Gadget from the top right of the screen. The Save Gadget window opens. 


In the Save Gadget window, give your gadget a meaningful name, select a time range, select Chart, select one of the existing apps or create a new one, and select one of the existing dashboards or create a new one. Click Save and View Dashboard.

The Apps interface opens and you can view your result:


Notice the View in Search link in the bottom right corner. Clicking this link will bring you back to the Search interface. 

You can Download XpoLog and create your own Apps, Dashboards and Gadgets directly from the XpoLog Apps interface.

View Your Apps

Viewing log files’ Apps, dashboards, and gadgets, can be done in many ways as well as fully customize them to your needs. Let’s see several log files visualization examples.

Changing the time span


Say we started searching for errors in the last 7 days however we want to narrow it down to the last 24 hours, or even to the last hour – click the time-frame-icon to select a different time frame.

Here is an example of 4-Spline charts of the same search query with the time frame narrowed down from the last 7 days to the last hour:

xpolog-query-charts-graphsThat way you can have a drill down and zoom out gadgets in the same dashboard.

Change the layout of the screen to present multiple gadgets simultaneously, for example of 3 columns of graphs/charts


For easing the eyes, saving energy and having a business theme, you can invert the color theme:


You can drag and drop and move them around as you please using the drag-and-drop-icon in the top left corner of each graph:

drag and drop screen

You can even create a slide-show out of all the dashboards in an App:

App features play slideshow of all dashboards in app

Here is a slide-show in action:

xpolog slideshow

For even more ways to view your gadgets, have a look at our new features page on our site.

Other Cool App Functions

One of the useful functions of the self-created custom Apps is the Scheduled Export. Once you have created an App, schedule it to send you reports as often as you need. You may schedule it around your staff meetings, daily reviews of the system etc.. For example, every morning at 9 AM you want to receive a report for a specific search for the last 24 hours. The App can create reports and export them to PDF, CSV, and directly to your email.

To schedule these reports, click Edit App (either from the top menu bar or the side bar, depending where you are), and then in the Export Settings section select the Exporting Frequency. From there, you can fill in all the other details needed to create the reports.


Another App function is to custom filter a dashboard’s result. Say you have a dashboard showing the results of a search you did, but you want to slightly alter the search without going back to the Search interface.


Click the search-icon and enter the change you want to make. The gadget will show the new result accordingly:


There are a number of additional features I can get into, but I suggest you check out our site for all xpolog features.


XpoLog Log files data visualizer and analyzer will add – parse and process your logs’ data. You will be able to conduct a simple and a complex search, view analytics search on results and analytics tasks in general. XpoLog’s analytical insights can find numerous anomalies, and valuable information regarding application performance and quality of code

You can download XpoLog Log Analysis and Log Viewer software here and get a fully featured software to search, monitor and chart mass amounts of log data continuously – 

  • Setup and ongoing operation are easier than ever – easy to install, configure, add data and get the insights showing in less than 5 minutes.
  • 2 Clicks Insights along with many apps to make sense of almost every format of log data, from Windows and Linux, Syslog to web logs traffic and performance analytics and infrastructure machines monitoring.
  • 24×7 continuous IT machine data forensics and infrastructure monitoring
  • Actively notifies you when key metrics change after (custom) events occur
  • Powerful web GUI based tool that features rich Google-like search, filtering and charting tools to the point that there’s probably no major set of data you can’t get analyzed.
  • No uploading GBs of data into the cloud
  • Instant results w/ no lag between the time data is logged and the time it’s visible
  • Creating custom gadgets and dashboards is intuitive. You can create an infinite number of gadgets.
  • Pricing packages are transparent and easy for an ROI calculation
  • Comprehensive Wiki and Support portal available all year long.
  • Automatic real time collecting, indexing and managing big data log files w/ powerful searching, filtering, charting and visualizing capabilities


Xpolog Log Analysis Center Worldwide customersWith over 1000 customers worldwide, in all major industries like media, finance, and health, XpoLog Web Log Analysis fits small IT operations, Medium business and Enterprises.


Read what our customers are saying about us

cinnober“XpoLog saves our teams hours of work every day. The log analysis was a major delayer in our troubleshooting and now it’s the first thing we do”

Per-Anders Hall-Bedman, Head of New Markets and Alliances, Cinnober Financial Technologies


XpoLog Web Log Analyzer Apps, Plugins Dashboards and Gadgets example

XpoLog Access Logs Apps And Dashboards Drill Down

With the XpoLog Web Log Analysis Apps gadgets you can

  • Use as many gadgets in one App to create customized dashboards that contain all the required information
  • Create a custom dashboard for each App and view the most important relevant insights that interest you
  • Create a slideshow that contains all Apps’ dashboards automatically
  • Use the Business Presentation mode to present all up to date information and insights to your peers in real time without using any external tool or working on presentation.

Request an Expert 

XpoLog’s customer success team is here to answer your needs and assist you in deploying your XpoLog logs solution quickly – contact our support if you need assistance in configuring, navigating, or analyzing at support@xpolog.com or support.xpolog.com.

Click to download your copy of XpoLog Log Analysis center now.



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