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New Free App for Active Directory

New Free App for Active Directory Easy Active Directory log management and analysis In organizations which uses a Windows server environment, the vast majority of authentication and access control processes are managed within Active Directory.as a central and critical component for managing organizational IT resources, Active Dire [...]

New Analytics App for Linux Logs

XpoLog Announces: New Analytics App for Linux LogsInstantly analyze and monitor all Linux logs across all Linux servers XpoLog 7 brings your data into a new age of log analysis and management. While the industry is focused on developing advanced search abilities and simplifying log analysis, nobody has been able to resolve the pers [...]

New Analytics App for Windows Event Log

New Free App: Windows Event Log Analysis and Monitoring We want to make it easier on you - XpoLog 7 automates your entire log management lifecycle! By doing this we solve log management's biggest challenges: 1. Long & complex deployments. 2. Long time to resolution. As part of this effort, we are happy to release the Win [...]

XpoLog for Amazon AWS Log Analysis Apps

XpoLog for Amazon - Logs Analysis Apps - Dashboards, Gadgets & Consoles XpoLog - Gartner Cool Vendor and IT Operational Analytics Top 50 - has spread into millions of additional customers in Amazon Marketplace. This post will cover some of the many ways you can utilize XpoLog to analyze your most valuable information about your [...]

Log Files Apps using Dashboards and Gadgets

Logs Visualization Gadgets using XpoLog's Unique Apps InterfaceThis post will cover some of the many ways you can view your most valuable information about your log files data using XpoLog Apps, Dashboards and Gadgets.XpoLog log visualization is a powerful software to view all machine generated data in a simple and automated way. The [...]


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