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Application Log Management Vs. Security Log Management / SIEM

Application Log Management Vs. Security Log Management (SIEM)  In the past several years log analysis technologies have matured, becoming a mainstream solution for troubleshooting a variety of problems across the various IT layers (infrastructure elements as well as applications).Although at first sight, these technologies seem to do the same thing, i.e. enable the analysis of log events, different technologies have evolved to deal with different use cases. One of the main differentiation is the use of log analysis for data security vs. the use of log analysis for troubleshooting applications.In this article, I will explain the main differences between these two use cases and the different technologies that are most appropriate for each one.Enough with the talking – show me how I enhance my SIEM & Application abilities, minutes from installation -> Download Free […]

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XpoLog 6: Building NOC, Operations, DevOps, Security Rooms Views

  by Haim Koschitzky, XpoLog CEO XpoLog 6 is coming soon. In this series of posts I am covering the new primary features and enhancements. On my last post I discussed our visualization strategy, we are about to add more than 20 new visualization gadgets and there will be new ways to present information. This short post will pre [...]

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