XpoLog V.7

New Free App for Active Directory

New Free App for Active Directory Easy Active Directory log management and analysis In organizations which uses a Windows server environment, the vast majority of authentication and access control processes are managed within Active Directory.as a central and critical component for managing organizational IT resources, Active Dire [...]

New Analytics App for Linux Logs

XpoLog Announces: New Analytics App for Linux LogsInstantly analyze and monitor all Linux logs across all Linux servers XpoLog 7 brings your data into a new age of log analysis and management. While the industry is focused on developing advanced search abilities and simplifying log analysis, nobody has been able to resolve the pers [...]

New Analytics App for Windows Event Log

New Free App: Windows Event Log Analysis and Monitoring We want to make it easier on you - XpoLog 7 automates your entire log management lifecycle! By doing this we solve log management's biggest challenges: 1. Long & complex deployments. 2. Long time to resolution. As part of this effort, we are happy to release the Win [...]

XpoLog for Amazon AWS Log Analysis Apps

XpoLog for Amazon - Logs Analysis Apps - Dashboards, Gadgets & Consoles XpoLog - Gartner Cool Vendor and IT Operational Analytics Top 50 - has spread into millions of additional customers in Amazon Marketplace. This post will cover some of the many ways you can utilize XpoLog to analyze your most valuable information about your [...]

Log Files Apps using Dashboards and Gadgets

Logs Visualization Gadgets using XpoLog's Unique Apps InterfaceThis post will cover some of the many ways you can view your most valuable information about your log files data using XpoLog Apps, Dashboards and Gadgets.XpoLog log visualization is a powerful software to view all machine generated data in a simple and automated way. The [...]

Web Log Analysis

Automated Web Log Analyzer - Windows IIS & Apache TomcatWeb Log Analyzer is an automatic system that analyzes all web logs traffic.XpoLog automated web log analyzer: collects – parses – profiles – visualizes – analyzes – monitors all logs events for you. You don't have to write search queries at all!Sounds awesome? See for y [...]

Log Management System

XpoLog log management system empowers your log analysis and monitoring with automation and machine intelligence to help you extract immediate data and easily deliver success Powerful Log Management System - Fully Automated, AI-BasedXpoLog Log Management System is a powerful centralized system that automates the entire log managem [...]

Access Logs Apps

Access Logs Apps visualize access logs with a set of gadgets and dashboards to better understand analytical findings such as Most visited URLs, HTTP status codes, Number of users over time, top countries and more.Access Logs Apps on Most Visited URLsClick to recap on what are Access Logs and Access Logs Patterns and read pervious art [...]

Access Logs Performance Analysis

Analyzing your website performance using Access Logs. Access Logs Performance Analysis is used for analyzing all access logs for web site’ performance - slow page load time, most frequent web pages and their errors, large web pages issues and more. Analyzing Website Performance One of the most important parameters determining if a vi [...]

Access Logs Analytics

Access Logs Analytics are web server's event logs anomalies analysis of HTTP status codes and other records generated by users’ requests accessing a website.Access Logs presents a website's HTTP Status codes, Top URLs, Hits over Time, Top hits per user, Top hits per client IP, Number of users over time, top countries, users GEO IP, A [...]

Access Logs Viewer

An Access Logs Viewer tool like XpoLog features several visual real time interfaces Manager Interface - where you can add an access log that also contain the Log ViewerSearch Interface - where you create search queries and get results plus insights to unknown issues Analytics Interface - where Analytics results are shownApps Interfac [...]

Access Log Viewer and Analyzer

View, Analyze, Monitor Access logs With Pre-defined Reports and Automated Problem Detection Access Log Viewer and Analyzer that automatically: scans, parses, detects patterns and presents a visual map of resources requested by the servers like HTTP Status codes, Top URLs, Hits over Time, Top hits per user, Number of users over time [...]


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