Only you have access to your files. Even XpoLog needs your permission…

  • Authentication

    XpoLog can integrate with multiple authentication protocol.
    XpoLog has many predefined authentication types, LDAP, siteminder, webseal, remote user…

  • Data Security

    XpoLog lets you give specific permissions to specific users.
    XpoLog gives you many permission-options. You can give permissions to specific individuals or groups, and/or give let some user do specific actions.
    XpoLog allows each group in an organization have its own permissions. Each user can see certain logs, the ones that are relevant to them.

  • Authorization

    Only authorized viewers are allowed to access, view, and search authorized data.
    XpoLog uses the highest level of security and data federation architecture and allows only authorized viewers to access, view, and search your data. XpoLog can also limit access to specific or groups of operations and create unique virtual log sources that know how to filter secret data for some users.

  • Integrated Security

    XpoLog can be easily integrated to SSO.
    XpoLog can be easily integrated to Single Sign On (SSO), enterprise entitlements, database, and active directory. You can use your existing security management system, with no need for infrastructure changes.

  • Enterprise Scale

    XpoLog’s encryption algorithms, SSL connection encryption, data store protection, and other security mechanism have been tested to meet the highest enterprise security requirements.
    XpoLog uses the many standard proprietary protocols, so that you do not need to make any changes to your infrastructure. When you decide to meet with XpoLog, XpoLog does not just meet you half way, but comes all the way to you, and does it your way.

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