Apps and Dashboards


An App is a collection of Dashboards and a dashboard is a collection of gadgets. All these gadgets and dashboards help you organize your search results graphically for a clearer picture and deeper understanding of your data. XpoLog offers Out of the Box Apps and also lets you customize your own Apps and Dashboards.

  • Dashboards


Create visualization dashboards for reporting, intelligence, and insights for any purpose on any type of data.
A dashboard is essentially a report containing one or more gadgets, can be a table, can be a graph, can be several tables, can be tables and graphs together, etc. XpoLog dashboards are a powerful tool to create customized life reports on systems, security, IT and application data. You can create your own dashboards by mixing and matching the gadgets from the searches you conducted.

  • Out of the Box Apps


XpoLog out of the box applications are a predefined set of reports and analysis rules.
The Apps provide an easy way to manage multiple visualizations under a logical structure that makes it easier to identify issues, trends in the organization.
The out of the box Apps visualize known systems logs in multiple context, like security, statistics, intelligence, performance, availability and more. XpoLog has created advanced apps for compliance and continuous analytics.

Amazon Linux AMI – Built in Amazon Linux AMI dashboards and consoles to gain deep-level insights on: Messages, Cron, Audit, Security, Errors across all AMIs at once.

Amazon Built In Apps – Amazon CloudFront | ELB | S3 | RDS dashboards and consoles to gain deep-level insights on your Storage, Elastic Load Balancer, Global Content Delivery Network and Database all across your cloud AMIs at once.

Amazon Marketplace – XpoLog is an Amazon AWS Marketplace vendor with cutting edge analysis apps which help thousands of customers worldwide in Amazon to quickly improve their Up Time, Increase customers’ satisfaction and reduce problems in IT.

  • Custom Apps


XpoLog lets you create your own Dashboards and Apps according to your application data and business needs.
Creating your own visual data from your search results could really not get any simpler. Any search can be saved and then viewed immediately in the XpoLog Apps section. While saving the search result you can select which type of graph you prefer, which table, etc. You can toggle back and forth between XpoLog Apps and XpoLog Search, and you can even conduct search from within XpoLog Apps after the first results have arrived. You really need to be gifted to get this one wrong.

  • Ops Room Slideshow


XpoLog allows you to view numerous Dashboards in whatever order you choose by letting you put them together into your own slide show.
If you want to view several views/dashboards you can set them to run as slide shows, put all the dashboards you want into one app, select the play speed, and press play…This feature is useful for meetings, especially between representatives of different departments who want to compare search results.

  • Export Dashboards


XpoLog lets you export any dashboard to a PDF/CSV file, and then print it out or share it.
You can ask XpoLog to send these reports to you (or anyone else in your organization) on a regular basis, to keep you up to date. You can receive these reports/dashboards by email, and they can also be sent to multiple users.

  • Live Dashboards


The XpoLog Live Dashboard lets you watch the ever-changing search results in real-time.
In addition to the existing Dashboards that XpoLog creates, a live mode has been added for you to view the ever-changing results in real time. You can select the time interval you want to see the data being renewed in the dashboard. This feature is similar to the Live Log Tail in the Log Viewer, only much more powerful as it automatically renews itself every few seconds, but is in fact collecting, parsing, filtering, searching and analyzing multiple logs, files, and searches at a very high speed. The new data streams in live shows, all the time. Even without errors to fix, this live show can be colorful and entertaining to watch.

  • Inputs and Forms


Put any input into the input box, and the dashboard will be modified accordingly.
XpoLog has created a new and friendly way to investigate information and change dashboard context for non-technical users. It is called the Input Box. The dashboard will be modified according to any input you enter into the input box.
View any search result in Apps, and ask for specific alternates through the input box. For example, you may want to filter out only those search results coming from a specific source, or only the ones that took place during the night, but not the day, or you only want to see the errors that were were above a certain severity level. The input box allows you to filter straight from dashboard, you see the change in result immediately.

  • Reports


A dashboard can generate dynamic reports on the detected errors, map the problems over time, and tag them according to severity.
The report (or dashboard) is created out of gadgets, these gadgets can be charts, tables, graphs or other visualization gadgets, or a combination of several different gadgets.
A dashboard can generate dynamic reports on the detected errors, map the problems over time, and tag them according to severity. XpoLog Analytics is an automatic Log Analysis and Monitoring console, which automatically scans all logs that enter the system for errors, risks, statistical problems, and predefined rules.
XpoLog’s Problem Analysis dashboard generates dynamic reports on the detected errors, maps problems over time, and tags them according to their severity. From the Problems Analysis dashboard, you immediately have access to all the analysis reports. These reports have easy navigation and zoom-in capabilities so you can easily find the relevant log data which will help you accelerate problem-isolation.

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