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Access Logs Apps visualize access logs with a set of gadgets and dashboards to better understand analytical findings such as Most visited URLs, HTTP status codes, Number of users over time, top countries and more.

Access Logs Apps on Most Visited URLs

Click to recap on what are Access Logs and Access Logs Patterns and read pervious articles Access Logs Viewer & Analyzer or Access Logs Viewer that present useful Access Log Analytics and Access Logs Performance Analysis.

In this article we will describe how you can view all Access Logs Apps to better analyze your website performance with XpoLog’s Access Logs Apps and a set of visual gadgets that will help you better understand your search results and analytical findings with XpoLog Access Logs Apps & Dashboards system. We will create these gadgets by using the Save Gadget from the Search Interface.

Access Logs Apps Dashboards

Let’s look at the search we did on the most visited URLs of our website. First in the XpoLog Search Interface type or copy & paste the below query

* in log.access * | count | group by url | order by count desc

Query explanation – count all the URLs in the Access log, group them so that each URL will represent a group and order the groups descending (the group with the largest amount of URLs first and then going down to the smallest amount of URLs group)

Looking at the search results and then clicking on Save Gadget button (marked in red below) will open the Save Gadget screen:

XpoLog Access Logs Apps Save Gadget Screen

Fill in the details in the required fields and click Save and View Dashboard and see your Dashboard:

XpoLog Access Logs Apps Performance Dashboard

~ Togo back to the search interface and further investigate or make adjustments to your search query, click the View in Search button (marked in red) in the bottom right corner.

Access Logs Apps Performance Results Analysis

Let’s have a look at what the performance search results would look like in a Dashboard.

Type the below or copy & paste the below query to XpoLog Search Interface

* IN folder.instance-1 in logaccess-TOMCAT-1 | max time-taken | group by url | order by time-taken desc

~ Make sure to specify your own folder path and web server’s access log name

Query explanation – list all the URLs (access logs records) that taken the maximum time to load in the three folders from the slowest (took the biggest amount of time) to the fastest one.

And from the search results, save as a gadget and name this dashboard ‘Performance’

XpoLog Access Logs Apps Performance Dashboard Save Gadget

Finally, click Save and View Dashboard button.

A similar page of the below XpoLog Access Logs Apps Performance dashboard will be presented

 XpoLog Access Logs Apps Performance Gadget

~ Note that all the results, lines, graphs and panels are completely clickable and enable further drill down into the root cause analysis of a specific item presented.

Since the results are given in milliseconds, the higher the number the worse the performance is, hence the page/URL represented by the highest bar in the one that needs the most attention. To view the data just hover over the bars and the exact numbers will be presented in the information box as shown on the above screen shot.

XpoLog Access Logs Apps Interface

The XpoLog Access Logs Apps Interface has many new cutting-edge visualization features –

  • Placing many gadgets into the same dashboard for an over-all-view. You can move the gadgets around the screen using the XpoLog Access Logs Apps Drag and Drop Button drag-and-drop button.
  • Placing many dashboards into the same App to include them in one informative slide show where you can view them one slide at a time. 
  • Adjusting the time-span for a specific view – to do that click the XpoLog Access Logs Apps Adjusting Time Span Button button.
  • Business Presentation mode allows you to reverse the color of your gadgets and present it in a PowerPoint mode. To do that click on the Theme button.

Here is what the performance graph would look like in Business Presentation mode:

XpoLog Access Logs Apps Performance Dashboard Theme


XpoLog Apps and Plugins Dashboards

XpoLog Out-of-the-Box Apps contain and continue to deploy a dazzling matrix of most common and desired apps that are fully customized to your needs and are integrated in the XpoLog Access Logs Apps.

Xolog Apps and Plugins Dashboards

XpoLog Apps and Plugins Dashboards and Gadgets

XpoLog Access Logs Apps And Dashboards opening screens

XpoLog Access Logs Apps And Dashboards Drill Down

XpoLog Access Logs Apps & Dashboards Drill Down on Gadgets

XpoLog Access Logs Apps And Dashboards Drill Down

With the XpoLog Access Logs Apps gadgets you can

* Use as many gadgets in one App to create customized dashboards that contain all the required information

* Create a custom dashboard for each App and view the most important relevant insights that interest you

* Create a Slideshow that contains all Apps’ dashboards automatically

* Use the Business Presentation mode to present all up to date information and insghts to your peers in real time without using any external tool or working on presentation.

Final words

XpoLog Access Logs Apps helps you View, Analyze, see Analytics results and website performance all in one place. Once you configure and add your data to XpoLog Access Logs System you can Search & Analyze all anomalies and view valuable information regarding your application performance in XpoLog Access Logs Apps and Dashboards.

XpoLog team is here to answer your needs and assist you in deploying your log solution quickly – email our support team if you need assistance in configuring, navigating, and analyzing to support@xpolog.com.

Have a look at and experiment your Access Logs with XpoLog Access Logs Apps center center. You can download our software in just a few minutes and it’s absolutely free.


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