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We’ve been delivering Innovative Analytics Technology for over a decade.

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Our Goal is To Help Customers Master IT Data

We will always seek new ways to analyze and master data. Our goal is to continue our amazing growth with more services, products, and unique ideas. We ask you to join us, as a customer, as a partner, or employee in order to help us break the analytics boundaries in the next data era.

Contact us, we would like to hear from you! Follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

Company Stability

XpoLog is based in New York with its R&D and Support Center in Israel. The company growth never stopped since inception. We are profitable with EBIDTA>45% on our multi-million revenues.

Leading Technology

For over a decade we have been focused on analyzing IT data, we have unique patents, and we were recently selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in ITOA. Customers select XpoLog over other solutions primarily because of our technology and total cost of ownership for the solution.


Our team is built of a multi-disciplinary background, from military intelligence analysts, ex Mercury/HP/Magic technology leaders, and visualization experts. We work with unique individuals from different fields of research and ideas.

Customers and Partners

We work with partners to serve our huge community of customers and free license install base. If you wish to join us please contact our team, we would love to work with you.

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