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Continuous Log Analytics scans all log data, streaming feedback to verify application delivery.

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Log Managment

Cost effective Log data management platform. Delivers all features for the best TCO.

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Access Logs Most Common Patterns | XpoLog Log Analysis & Viewer System Download


Optimize application performance with In-depth application log data problem profiler.

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Security & Compliance

In-depth Analytics for security and compliance. Accelerate forensics and responses to threats.

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End-to-End IT Data Analytics platform, Machine Learning for IT.

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Unique In-Depth log data profiling technology. Detect unknown application errors before production.

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XpoLog Platform

Simple to Use. Amazing Algorithms.
Best Prices and TCO.

XpoLog Turns your Data into actionable insights, with in-depth analytics.
With our Superior technology you get Deeper Insights and Results Faster. 
Tailored to bring you greater success in less time.

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End to End Collection, Index, In-Depth.
Agent-less, Any Data, Real Time Over SSH…

Search, View, Monitor.
Search Console with analytic insights,
Log viewer, manager…

Automated In-Depth Analytics.
Insights, Complex Search, Automatic
fault detection, anomalies, pattern, NLP…

Analyze, Visualize, Dashboards. 
Live reports and dashboards,
user input support, Gadgets, NOC Views…

Out of the box Apps 
Operational Intelligence across IT logs.

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XpoLog’s capabilities
roar beneath the Hood 

Unlock the hidden value of log data with robust log collection, analysis and visualization. 
Go beyond log viewing and search to automated predictive fault detection.

It only takes 5 minutes to try it on any type of log.

Technology Benefits

XpoLog Architecture

Collection and Parsing
All Data One Repository

Apps and Integrations
Pre-defined Data Apps

Speed and Efficiency
Less storage, higher speed

Continuous Insights
Real time analysis and intelligence

Analytic Search
Harness your data search with In-Depth Analytics

No compromises

Map Reduce for unlimited Growth Logo

Build the foundations for knowledge reuse

In-Depth Analytics Algorithms

Virtual Data Engine (VDE)
Dynamic Parsing Rules

Analytic Search
Autodetected Augmented Analytic Layers

Out of the box
Predefined insights for system and infrastructure

Text semantic analytics
Autotag Errors and severity levels

Statistical anomaly detection
Finding the unknown patterns

Machine learning profiling
Calibrate our technology to your unique needs

Data Abstraction and Tagging
Build the foundations for knowledge reuse

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Natively Deployed
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File, Folders, Servers, Tags….
Less Storage

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