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XpoLog Powerful Log Management server visualize is a one-stop-shop for all DevOps & IT servers’ logs needs and automatically and in real time discovers your machine generated insights, hidden values & errors and suggests improvements with a set of smart out of box dashboards. XpoLog log manager presents advanced log data analytics on physical & logical system entities driven out of all the log files and runs on premises and/or in the cloud. ​You get real-time, daily, weekly or custom-scheduled alerts, reports and notifications on all your important insightsXpoLog’s log management system’s built-in analytic layers automatically scans your log files and machine generated application data and presents all insights and intelligence. Based on user interactions with your applications XpoLog log management software presents powerful Root Cause Analysis mechanism on all your servers logs across all folders and IT.

Typical DevOps & IT deployments include hundreds and often thousands of servers, databases and applications which generate millions of events every day. Cloud and on-premise infrastructures make data centers highly dynamic which in turn makes data also highly complex. XpoLog Log Management software helps you unlock and discover hidden errors, deep links problems, and complex patterns in any log by making machine generated data easily accessible for search and visualization in real time.

Your infrastructure will not change – XpoLog log management’s agent-less non intrusive logs server use common protocols as UDP/SSH/TCP to connect with all your data to Manage – Analyze – Search log files and application data faster than ever before. XpoLog log files manager provides all the visibility needed into unknown problems, errors and anomalies with live NOC dashboards on all multiple application tiers and end-user experience with state of the art log analysis and reporting algorithms on application performance and quality problems to take immediate actions.


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Server Performance Management – Analysis and Monitoring

XpoLog aggregates all logs and scan – parse – profile – read – analyzes – report your logs in real time to presents your Problem Map Dashboard: use cases, exceptions, usage, profiling, error codes, number of events in logs, and log problem per server. XpoLog server log management platform serves Admins and operations teams which need fast identification of errors, system trends and anomalies. XpoLog provides full automatic insights on all logs with an advanced visualization tools and automatic analysis algorithms that correlates your unique identifiers across servers like IP addresses, log events, exceptions, faults, performance data, information on users traffic and much more.

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Easy to deploy UI wizards – the XpoLog log management platform has easy to deploy UI wizards for fast and simple log data collection, data analysis, and long term log management.

Powerful and automated In-Depth log data mining technology – the XpoLog log management platform has powerful analysis, visualization, monitoring, and automated In-Depth log data mining technology.

Optimize with Out-of-the-Box Apps – the XpoLog log management platform allows you to optimize your DevOps & IT compliance operations and visibility with smart out-of-the-box Apps for any type of system log data.


XpoLog Best Log Viewer Search & Log Analytics

The XpoLog Log Management Advantage

Business value

End to End Log Management

Solve IT and Apps problems before users find them

Out of the Box Operational Intelligence

Comply with all Regulations (SOX, PCI etc.)

Secure your IT and Applications

Cross Systems Visibility and Proactive Monitoring

Technology Advantage

Log Collection – All types – Agent-less, Agents, Forwarders, Files, SysLog, and more…

Unlimited log data Parsing Power with our VDE™

Archiving and Retention as long as you need with supremely efficient compression

Smart Indexing with immensely rapid search engine for all log data

Out of the box Apps and Dashboards

Enterprise Log Viewer for any type of log

In-Depth Analytics for automatic data profiling, mining and analytics


Log managment – IT Operational Analytics.


Unique set of Features


Log CollectionAgent-less, Agents, Forwarders, Files, SysLog and more

VDE™Endless power for log data parsing with our VDE™

XpoLog Log Analysis Servers, Platforms, Infrastructures and Architectures

Out of the box AppsOut of the box support for applications, IT, devices and more.

Gadgets and visualizationAmazing gadgets and visualization, GeoIP data, 3D charts

“XpoLog saves our teams hours of work every day. The log analysis was a major delayer in our troubleshooting and now it’s the first thing we do”

Per-Anders Hall-Bedman, Head of New Markets and Alliances,
Cinnober Financial Technologies

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XpoLog finds and analyzes your anomalies so quickly you could practically consider it a contraceptive for errors. Here is a quick abstract to some of the features in store…


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How it Works – Technlology

Pre-Discover Tomorrow’s Unknown Issues with our dynamic parsing rules, computational processing, advanced data mining, and more…

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Out of the Box Apps

Visualize known systems logs in multiple contexts, like security, statistics, intelligence, performance, and availability with our predefined set of reports and analysis rules.

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