XpoLog is a log analyzer and log analysis platform for any type of log data.


Non-intrusive collection technology.The XpoLog log collection technology makes it simple to access and analyze data from all data sources. Our log analysis platform digests all log types and provides a comprehensive set of services on top of the log data. Our technologies are non-intrusive so there is no need for changes in your current architecture.

Love-hate-relationship with your log files?If your work involves working with vast amounts of log files, have a look at some of the awesome features we offer. Unlike any other tool we apply In-Depth analytics as well as visualization, search, and other services.

We give you the tools, you give us the rules.We let you choose between automatically receiving all analysis on a silver platter or taking charge and creating your own analysis rules. Or both. We bring the entire concept of log analysis to a completely new level.

No Data No Cry…Data is everywhere; Log files are everywhere; try to avoid them, they will come back to haunt you. Most of us rarely think of them, or even know of their existence. But without them, our modern computerized world would drown in a chaotic apocalypse. Why? Because every little action done, whether by human or by machine, well, frankly… is being logged somewhere. But even if you have put your logs and files on hold for too long, trust us; we can “clean up the mess”.

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The XpoLog Log Analysis Advantage

Business value

Receive easy to deploy, Out of the Box Value

Generate Automatic Intelligence out of any log

Profile applications and IT problems

Reduce MTTR, Optimize Application Quality

Get Log Analyzer and Log Viewer for cross IT use

Create Security, Compliance, and Performance Reports on any system

Technology Advantage

Log Collection – All types – Agent-less, Agents, Forwarders, Files, SysLog and more

Unlimited log data Parsing Power with our VDE™

Log Viewer for any log: view, filter, and search log data; Universal Viewer

XpoLog In-Depth Analytics: profiles each log event for errors, trends, etc.

Anomaly detection, text analytics, transaction tracking

Amazing gadgets for visualization, GeoIP data, 3D charts…

Out of the box Support for applications, IT, devices, and more…

Log managment – IT Operational Analytics.

Unique set of Features

Log CollectionAgent-less, Agents, Forwarders, Files, SysLog and more

VDE™Endless power for log data parsing with our VDE™

XpoLog Log Analysis Servers, Platforms, Infrastructures and Architectures

Out of the box AppsOut of the box support for applications, IT, devices and more.

Gadgets and visualizationAmazing gadgets and visualization, GeoIP data, 3D charts

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Agent-less deployment, data collection with existing protocols, custom or dynamic parsing and monitoring, auto-detected severity levels on all anomalies, unique pattern detection features, fab visualization gadgets and views, unlimited scalability and security…

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How it Works – Technlology

Pre-Discover Tomorrow’s Unknown Issues with our dynamic parsing rules, pattern detections, custom monitoring, advanced data mining, and more…

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Out of the Box Apps

Generate valuable insights quickly with our predefined set of dashboards that can be applied automatically to all your known data sources.

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