Collection and Platform

Collects your data in any way you wish

Unique Agent-less Technology over SSH
Collect live log data over SSH connection with very high throughput using XpoLog’s unique agent-less technology.

Real Time Log Events Collection
The XpoLog platform receives log events via common protocols like SysLog and HTTP, with support to XpoLog agents or others like fluentd and logstash.

Any Log File Format
XpoLog can collect any log file format (txt, json, xml…) across dynamic cyclic files archived such as Zip, Gzip, binary formats, and more.

High Availability Grid
XpoLog has the architecture to maintain a high availability grid that supports data collection of files, events, databases, and more.

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Log Management Platform

All your data safe in one place

The XpoLog Log Management Platform has a set of tools for managing log data in a central log data repository.

  • Manage archived data
  • Help protect data integrity with MD5/SHA-1

  • Apply data federation rules for security
  • And more…

XpoLog organizes all data sets in a virtual logical structure that allows for quick access and management of all data nodes.

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Virtual Data Engine

Automatic or dynamic parsing rules

While providing auto-detection of all log formats, our parsing technology brings an easy-to-use approach to creating plugins and adapters to any source.
The XpoLog Virtual Data Engine (VDE) is a powerful data virtualization technology that allows for:

  • dynamic creation of parsing rules
  • virtual manipulation of data sets
  • on-parse computation

  • data masking
  • semantic terms extraction
  • and more…

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XpoLog Log Analyzer Google Like Search
XpoLog Log Analyzer Google Like Search

Search Engine

Search anything and everything – fast!

Search all logs and IT data from one place immensely fast. Search multiple log types, sources, and formats with our “Google like” search engine.

  • Search across live log data for application problems, IDs, IPs, errors, exceptions, and more.
  • Create searches for reports, monitors, and statistics.
  • Build dynamic search queries that focus on time frames, servers, apps, and other log sources.
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Log Viewer

Control Raw data with a dedicated log view.

Understand Patterns
The XpoLog Log Viewer is a structured raw log data viewer allowing you to browse swiftly across multiple logs.

Understand Structure
With a unique multi tabs tabular view of raw log data, it is easy to get down into root cause events.

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Index and Correlate Logs

Search across multiple sources and events.

Indexed Data Structure
The XpoLog platform applies powerful indexing technology on all data. The XpoLog Search Engine runs advanced query language against the indexed data structure.

Filter and Investigate Logs
Using the search engine functions, users can filter and investigate logs as well as apply complex functions to aggregate and correlate events in the indexed data.

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Complex Search

Go Beyond the Simple Search

Add Computation Queries to your Search

  • Create nested queries for cross data reference and computation.
  • Apply mathematical functions to your search results.
  • Filter information by sources, time frames, and intervals.

With complex rules and queries you can extract ad-hoc fields in order to run computational processing that you can inject into our visualization tools to view later.

Statistics and Aggregation

Complex Search + Virtual Data Engine = Advanced Data Mining

Our Complex Search together with our VDE (Virtual Data Engine) lets you execute functions on extracted fields on which you can build advanced data mining and operation intelligence applications.

Apply Computation Statistics on Field Values

Statistical functions are dynamically applied on the extracted field with dynamic field type binding. This allows users to extract numbers and strings from log messages or access logs and immediately apply computation statistics on the field values.

Data Visualization Gadgets

Good looking Data

Your Data Simply Presented, Easy to Understand.
Once our advanced VDE, Search and Complex Search engines have completed computing and analyzing all your data, it is crucial to make it meaningful, simply presented, and easy to understand. For that we provide:

  • a very rich user interface
  • tools to build advanced liveOps room views for analysis
  • custom apps and dashboards

  • visualization tools to build your own gadgets
  • clever graphs and charts, 3D
  • heat maps, geo graphs, and more

Proactive Log Data Monitoring

Built-in monitoring engine

XpoLog automatically monitors log data and sends alerts according to defined, scheduled, and filtered rules. Select from various alert forms:

  • Email
  • SNMP Traps

  • REST API calls
  • Custom Scripting

  • JMS Messages
  • and more…

Custom monitoring

You can create your own rules to trigger alerts according to your own needs. You can also decide to only scan the latest data or the whole log including old data.

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Out of the box Apps

Generate valuable insights within minutes.

Automatically Apply predefined sets of Rules, Visualizations, Reports, and Dashboards to known data sources.
Our Team is constantly building more apps to extend the collaborative knowledge that helps unlock the hidden value of your data.

  • Quickly generate intelligence
  • Enhance security
  • Investigate systems

  • Comply with regulations
  • Detect errors
  • and more…

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Live Dashboards, Forms, and Reports

Expose intelligence to more users across organizations.

Real Time Dashboards – Streaming analysis and reporting
OpTeams and App teams debug and monitor application logs during run-time.

Predefined forms and inputs
Custom user friendly dashboards are available for business users to quickly access and filter visualization with technical expertise in query language or the data sets.

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Custom Apps and Reports

Imagine and build your own story.

Build your Customized apps with SDK and API
Get imaging screens, forms, inputs and visualization by simply adding data to XpoLog and build custom apps using XpoLog APIs.

Enrich Your Application with XpoLog insights
XpoLog integrated UI features allows you to integrate “XpoLog look and feel” to third party screens and enrich applications with more insights.

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Analytic Search

Unique In-Depth Analytics Insight Layers

Augmented Auto-detected insights in the context of data search amplifies intelligence with every search.

Pre-Discover Tomorrow’s Unknown Issues

XpoLog In-Depth Analytics Insights takes the leap from limited manual searches based on users pre-knowledge to automated analytic searches which find everything, including what users were not looking for.

Accelerate Time to Action = Success

Quickly discover unknown issues and patterns that can have a critical effect on business and IT success.

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Text Semantic Analytics

Unique to XpoLog:

Automatically Receive a Severity Level for All Errors

XpoLog’s In-Depth Semantic processing identifies each log event, scans it, and compares its content to XpoLog’s ontology (unique proprietary dictionary). Our technology helps indicate whether there is an error with a high severity that might have a negative effect on the IT systems.

Constantly Monitor Every Event

Track, aggregate, and constantly monitor every event for its appearance across all sources.

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Statistical Anomaly Detection

XpoLog finds all anomalies at all times, in all aspects of your data.

Detect unknown patterns in applications and IT data.

XpoLog anomaly detection is based on specific system management use cases, combining the technology for unique messages profiling of log data with multivariable and multidimensional statistical models.

Find all anomalies during changes and upgrades.

Continuous delivery and constant creativity is a complex challenge as everything is changing all the time. XpoLog anomaly patterns tackle those challenges with a unique approach of computing anomalies.

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How it Works – Technology

Pre-Discover Tomorrow’s Unknown Issues with our dynamic parsing rules, in-depth analytics, advanced data mining, and more…

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In-Depth Analytics – Unique!

Our Analytic Search and data abstraction and tagging helps you amplify and augment your intelligence to govern complex environments.

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Out of the Box Apps

Generate valuable insights quickly with our predefined set of dashboards that can be applied automatically to all your known data sources.

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