Big Data Analytics

Public Cloud

Amazon EC2, Google App Engine and more. elastic log analysis.

Hadoop and JDBC Integration

Real time log analysis integration with HDFS and JDBC.

Private Cloud

Log analysis and management for local and remote servers.

Log Analysis Platform

Augmented Search™

Super-fast log search integrated with super-smart analytics.

Data Analytics on Demand

Elastic scalable log data intelligence and analytics.

Visualize Complex Data

Automatic visualization of applications and servers log data.

How do you do

Application Management

Optimize applications in production, real-time intelligence and reports.

DevOps Production Support

Quickly search and detect applications problems. Troubleshoot faster.

IT Operations and Security

Auto-detect problems and errors in production. Quickly investigate incidents.

Log Data Analytics and Management Platform

XpoLog is a Log Analysis Platform that helps application and operations teams to quickly search, investigate and
navigate through application problems and IT metrics. Read more >

Automatically Discover Hidden Value in Your Log Files

Find out What's New

Augmented Search

Augmented Search™

Super-Fast Search integrated with Super-Smart Analytics, automatically unlock problems and patterns in log data, add intelligence layers in user search context.

Data Visualization

Automates complex log data visualization, users can quickly create intelligence dashboards and reports. Create statistics on any log data.

Data Visualization
Log Management
Log Analysis
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